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 History of Slots 

In 1891, the beginning of the history of slot machines was designed in New York by Pitt and Sittman that had five drums that would display poker hands. It had no payback mechanism, so the places in New York that bought them paid in prizes of their own, usually free drinks. Online Slots would not come for another century.

Then came Charles Fey. He made the first slot, the Liberty Bell, in his basement. The slot machines didn’t get widespread success until years later when they were put in the Flamingo Hilton hotel in the Las Vegas strip.

Fey’s first slot machine was different than anything made today. It was over 100 pounds of cast iron, and lacked the fruit symbols common associated with slots. Instead it had star, horseshoes, and suits from playing cards, like diamonds and spades. The Liberty Bell gave a fifty cent payout to winners, which was substantial in its day. The Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno still has the very first Liberty Bell designed by Fey. The establishment is owned by his grandchildren, who preserve Fey’s legacy in the history of slot machines.

Then Fey made the Operator Bell Slot machine. This slot features the famous fruit design, and became the standard for slot machine aesthetics. The history of slot machines was changed forever.

Our slot machines are a little different from those days, below you can see our current offerings in our casino.

The exciting multi level system acts as a bonus game on top of existing e-motion titles, triggered
in the base game with special CASH FEVER symbols and adding a whole new dimension to e-motion games..

Experience the Eight Wonder of the World with KING KONG CASH!

Based on Universal Studio’s monstrous movie, KING KONG CASH is the latest giant step in linked gaming from ATRONIC. Featuring a 4-level progressive jackpot and interactive bonus rounds, this game is guaranteed to be as thrilling as the movie!



The Universal Slant supports the following display options: 22” MLD® (Multi-Layer Display™). In addition, the Universal Slant features streamlined ergonomics, enhanced MLD® technology, premium sound and more personal space. This is the only cabinet that has the ergonomics of a slant and the merchandising capabilities of an upright.

Each exciting title offers the specific KING KONG CASH Bonus using three KING KONG CASH Bonus trigger symbols: “K”, “K”, “C” (on reels 2, 3 & 4), that can be entered from the base game either directly by a scatter trigger or via the Mystery Kong Bonus. Once triggered player interaction determines the number of KING KONG CASH free games. Within these free games special symbols and a special paytable enable players to collect credits that go towards winning one of the four progressive level jackpots. Bonus feature hit frequency improves with increasing bet, the higher the bet the higher the chances of winning a higher jackpot level within the bonus feature.

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